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I am an assistant professor in Computer Science at the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, at the Augusta University, in Georgia, USA. I am also a member of the ForML Lab, a member of the Graduate School, the Campus Champion of Affordable Learning Georgia, and a mentor for the African American Male Initiative.

Prior to that, I have been a post-doctoral researcher at the Appalachian State University (Boone, NC, USA), at the LACL (Créteil, Val-de-Marne, France), at the I2M (Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France), and a PhD student at the LIPN (Villetaneuse, Île-de-France, France).

Please refer to my resume for a more complete presentation, and find below information about my teaching, my research, internships and projects, as well as miscellaneous factoids and how to contact me.


Currently (Fall 2022)

This semester, I am responsible for

Students can have a look at my "Quick Reflexion on Course Evaluations", which includes my previous evaluations, to be better prepared for the classes I teach and know what to expect.



At Augusta University

Before Coming to Augusta University


I work in the vast field of computational logic, which uses mathematical reasoning to discover and explain the mechanisms of computation.

You might want to have a look at (in decreasing order of preference)

If I were to use keywords, it would probably be

Using 2020 Mathematics Subject Classification

Using the 2012 ACM Computing Classification System

Internships and Projects

Please, contact me if you are interrested in an internship with me. Some examples of internship (past and prospective) proposals can be found below.

In the past, I have had the pleasure of working with (in no particular order) Bryana Vinson, Bobby Mcmanus, Minh Nguyen, Poonam Veeral, Cystal Anderson, Tim Cuny, John Natale, Assya Sellak and Hunter Wilkins, and I currently work with Mark Holcomb and Neea Rusch.

Current Projects

I am mostly working on the StATyCC project with Neea Rusch lately.

I am also involved in the project led with Drs. Andrew Balas and Tiffany Townsend, Practices of outstanding productivity in biomedical research.

I am also investigating with Mark Holcomb connections between multi-head automata and their relations to complexity theory, and implementing concurrent and reversible process algebras with Peter Browning.

Past Projects

Student(s) Project Result
Redacted, Mark Holcomb, Assya Sellak, Sydney Strong, Patrick Woolard Feature Implementation for Open-Source Pandoc Filters Completed during Fall 2020, as a senior capstone project.
Bobby Mcmanus, Minh Nguyen, Poonam Veeral Capstone Project – Lecture Notes for CSCI 3410 Database Systems Completed during Fall 2020, as a senior capstone project
John Natale Connecting Concurrent Computations Completed during Summer 2020, as a CURS undergrad research project.

Future Projects

Title Description
Formalization of the correspondance between event structures and CCS (soon)
What a recent result on Implicit Complexity Theory means for an old open problem in Term Rewriting System (soon)
What is the right notion of structural congruence for reversible concurrent systems. (soon)
Implementing Reversible Process Algebras In this document
Revisiting Contextual Equivalences for Process Algebras In this document


Letterhead for the School

I wrote a letterhead for the Augusta University using XeTeX and pandoc: Download, Preview. It respects the brand strategy of the University and was approved by Augusta University's graphic designers.
The official docx template can be found at

Traveling with Augusta University

I wrote a small guide to discuss how traveling is handled at Augusta University.

Reviewing Research Papers

I keep some notes to share some resources for first-time reviewers.