Readme for Lecture Notes for CSCI 3410 – Database Systems

Clément Aubert

August 8, 2022 (05:48:29 PM)

Here are the lecture notes, codes, exercises, problems and references for a lecture on database taught at Augusta University by C. Aubert. The webpage for this project is at, and it contains a compiled version of the notes.


As of August 2022, the main author of those notes (Dr. Aubert) is not scheduled to teach CSCI 3410 - Database Systems in the forseeable future. As a result, those notes are archived.

Please, also note that pandoc-include-code and pandoc-numbering, required to compile those notes, are not compatible with the current version of pandoc (cf. the instructions). As a result, compiling those notes will require increasing version tinkering.

Getting Started

The source code, hosted at, is organized as follows:

├── install/                -- Installing the requirements to compile the document.
├── notes/                  -- The notes themselves.
│   ├── bib/                -- References (including reference to the document).
│   ├── code/               -- Source code included in the document.
│   ├── fig/                -- Source code for various figures.
│   ├── filters/            -- Pandoc filters.
│   ├── img/                -- Various image files integrated in the document.
│   ├── latex/              -- Latex configuration file.
│   ├── lib/                -- Various libraries
│   ├── style/              -- css style used for the web page.
│   ├──          -- An example file, to test your installation.
│   ├──   -- The main file for the lecture notes.
│   ├── Makefile            -- Directives to generate the lecture notes.
│   └──             -- Temporary file, for debugging purposes.
├──              -- A guide on how to contribute.
├──           -- A list of possible bugs, improvements, …
├──              -- The license of those notes.
└──               -- The present file.

Before compiling this document, you will need to install git, LaTeX, pandoc, some of pandoc’s filters, and several other programs. Refer to install/ for instructions on how to compile this document, and to notes/ for an example file.

To clone the source, use git and the command

git clone

To compile this document, simply change directory to notes and run

The Makefile in the notes folder is commented.


The simplest way to contribute is to report typos, errors or misleading statements. You will find some instructions at if you’d like, but you can…

Authors and Contributors

Those notes would not have been without the constant support, curiosity, and remarks from my students. Crystal was supported by an Affordable Learning Georgia “Mini-Grant for Ancillary Materials Creation and Revision” (Proposal M71). Bobby, Minh and Poonam benefited from the support and guidance of Dr. Onyeka Ezenwoye in the CSCI 4712 - Senior Capstone Project class.

Additionally, (Redacted), Mark Holcomb, Assya Sellak, Sydney Strong and Patrick Woolard helped smash some bugs in the tools used to produce this document, under the guidance and support of Dr. Dariusz Kowalski in the CSCI 4712 - Senior Capstone Project class.


This project is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 licence: you are free to share and adapt this document, as long as you give proper credit. Refer to for the complete licence.

The following files have different licences, and have other authors:

Those files are redistributed as is, in agreement with their respective licences.

The file notes/fig/er/template.def was inspired by the tikz-er2 package, available at