Teaching at Augusta University

  • MATH2011 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

  • MATH2012 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II

  • CURS2990 Undergraduate Research I

  • MATH3020 Differential Equations

  • MATH3280 Linear Algebra

  • MATH4350 Numerical Analysis

  • HONR4000 Honors Thesis

  • CURS4990 Undergraduate Research

  • MATH4990 Undergraduate Research

  • MATH6220 Dynamical Systems

  • MATH6350 Numerical Analysis

  • MATH6980 Special Topics

  • MATH6990 Graduate Project

Past Teaching at Ohio State University

  • MATH1172 Engineering Mathematics A

  • MATH3607 Beginning Scientific Computing

  • MATH5602 Computational Partial Differential Equations

  • MATH5603 Numerical Linear Algebra