I am a tenured Full Professor within the Medical College of Georgia, and Director, Laboratory for Theory and Mathematical Modeling, and hold a joint appointment with the College of Science and Mathematics, Augusta University. Previously, conducted research and/or taught at Indian Statistical Institute (1998-2002, 2006-2012), Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford (2003, 2005-07), Indian Institute of Science (2002-04), University of Guelph (2004-06). Until 2012, held a permanent faculty position at Indian Statistical Institute. Won Heiwa-Nakajima Award (Japan) and Fast Track Young Scientists Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences (DST, New Delhi).

I have done fundamental contributions in multilevel contours on complex plane bundles, stationary population models (Rao’s partition theorem in populations). See also report on Rao-Carey Fundamental Theorem at MBI, Ohio. A news article on my work appeared in the Math Digest, American Mathematical Society’s Math in the Media, AMSTAT News, and Joint Math Morsels.  A report on my research that I led while I was at Oxford’s Math Institute was listed as an impact case study in the Research Excellence Network, U.K. (see REF2014 for the University of Oxford).  For my papers, see MathSciNet and Web of Science. Earlier, worked as a consultant for the World Bank and other international agencies. For other details please browse from the adjacent links provided. Served as a member of the Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee for the SMB2015, Atlanta, The Annual Meetings of the Society for Mathematical Biology. See “John Conway Lecture Series” 2022, and GIAN Lecture Series 2022 Foreign Expert by MHRD, Government of India during 2022.

Serving as serial coeditor for Elsevier’s book series Handbook of Statistics with legendary statistician Dr. C.R. Rao, SUNY Buffalo who is celebrating the birth centenary year in 2020. Editing Special issue of Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications with Dr. S.G. Krantz to be released in 2022, and guest editor for a special issue on Probability and Statistics for Journal of Indian Institute of Science.

COVID-19: Designed and Developed an AI Model for the identification of COVID-19 through mobile phone Apps. This pioneering work inspired several Apps worldwide for Identifying and contact tracing COVID-19. See, for example, Campus TechnologyTOI, TOIThe ETFastCompany, etc.,  Mathematical Models for under-reporting of COVID-19 and hospitalizations.

National Policies: Currently serving as an Domain Expert Group Member of Artificial Intelligence for the CSIR, India. Earlier, our Mathematical Modeling results of HIV spread in India has contributed to national AIDS policies under the Ministry of Health, India which assisted in eleventh planning (2007-12) and Modeling Anti-retroviral Therapy has contributed for twelfth planning (2012-17). We have also contributed to national bird flu, swine flu modeling outputs. Dr. Rao served a member of the committee to model the blood requirement in India formulated by the Government. 

 Administration: Dr. Rao served as an elected AU Senator to represent the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University for the period 2019-2021. He is also currently serving as the Senate Affiliate for the Faculty Development  Committee of the senate.  He was also the past elected AU senator for the period 2017-2019.

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