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More than 300 media in various countries reported research. Some of these include, CNN, Fox, Times of India, Indian Express, The Hindu, Regional dailies in several countries, Outlook, The Week, Analytics India Magazine, The innovators Magazine, CBS, CTV London, Fast Company, etc.,





2023: January


CSDE News and Events (January 13).


2022: December


Jagwire  (Milledge Austin, December 6).


2022: October


Medical Dialogues (October 3), Everyday Health (October 1), 65Ymas (October 3), OICanadian (October 4),  SciTechDaily (October 16), Thailand Medical News (October 16), Progressive Charlestown (October 22).


2022: September


Darik News Georgia (September 27), Medical Express (September 27), Public News Time (September 27), Today NewsUK (September 27), Today90 News (Nathan Rivera, September 28) , Mexico News (September 28), Scienceblog (September 28), abc (September 28),  Scientific Inquirer (September 29), Reddit (September 30)


2021: September


Science Daily, (September 23),  JAGwire (September 23)



2021: January


wirtschaftsblatt-bg (German Bulgaria, January 1), Eldebate (January 1), Brinkwire (January 2), Health Europa (January 4), Eltelegrafo (Ecuador, January, 5), Chicago Tribune (January 5), IatroNet (Greek, Karagiannopoulou Despina, January 5), TeleCinco (Spain, January 6), ElUniversal (Mexico, CIENCIA Y SALUD, January 6),  MSN Noticias (January 6),  adn40 (Mexico, January 6), 24Ecuador (Ecuador, January 7), psiquiatria (January 8), Humanite.fr (Samedi 23 January 2021 Jérémie Bazart), Pledgetimes (by Bhavi Mandalia  January 23, 2021)




2020: December


Medical Express (December 21), MSN (December 22), Times Now (December 23), AIM Digital (Argentina, December 30), El Debate (Argentina, December 31)




2020:  November


The Tribune (November 10),



2020: September (Virtual Tourism)


Science Daily (September 9), Electronics360 (by Siobhan Treacy, September 9) NewsGram (September 9), The Business Line (by Hemani Sheth, September 9), Royal Statistical Society (Tributes to CR Rao on his 100the Birth Day, September 10), Express Computer (September 10), TV Poland (September 10), NCYT (in Spanish, September 10), Always Researching (September 10), Your Life Choices (by Leon Della Bosca, September 11), Travel and Tour World (September 12), Manorama (IANS, September 13, 2020), Las Buenas Noticias (September 13), NaukauPolsce (Polish, by Paweł Wernicki September 14),  Arbaswedan (Indonesian, by Narantaka Jirnodoa, September 15),  OpenAccess Government (September 15), Design, Products & Applications (September 17).


2020: July (to be updated)


2020: June (to be updated)


Inverse.com (by Emma Betuel, June 30). 


2020: May


Jagwire News (by Lisa Kaylor, May 8), Medical Examiner (A Tale of Two Countries, by Daniel Pearson, May 15)



2020: April  (COVID-19: Under reporting)


OnlineAthens Newspaper (by Tom Corwin, April 4), Holanews (Spanish, April 6), Los Angeles Times (Spanish by Marcelo Wheelock, April 7), Sci N Tech (April 10),  Cambio 16 (Spanish by Ernesto Linzalala, April 10),  Jagwire, Augusta University (by Toni Baker, April 13),   The Economic Times (by PTI, April 13), Outlook (by IANS, April 13), IFL Science (by Tom Hale, April 13),  Diary Vasco (Spanish, April 13),  All India Radio (April 13), National Herald (April 13), Weather.com (April 14), HomeLandSecurity Newswire (April 14), Nation Editions (Akshay Tiwari, April 14)  News Medical (by Ananya Mandal, April 15), HaziPatika (Hungarian, April 15), WDRW (by Meredith Anderson, April 15),  India West (April 16), Labroots (Carmen Leitch, April 16),  Kafekpo (Indonesian, April 17)  Business Line Newspaper (April 17), Nice.Hu (Hungarian, April 17), Focus.it (Italian, by Chiara Guzzonato, April 18) Daily Times, Newspaper (by Web Desk, April 21), The Washington University (by Talia Ogliore, April 24), The Observer Mexico (Spanish, April 24),   MedicalXpress (April 27), 


2020: March (COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence)


Augusta Chronicle Newspaper (by Tom Corwin, March 4) Front Page, Innovators Magazine (by Susan Robertson, March 5), WRDW (by Madison Thiel, March 4), MSN.com (by Madison Theil, March 5), ( Medical Dialogues (by Dr. K.B. Aarthi, March 5),  Fierce Electronics (by Spencer Chin, March 5), News 18 (March 5),  Live Mint (by IANS, March 5), The Economic Times (by IANS, March 5),  Campus Technology (by Rhea Kelly, March 6), Health Europa (by Becky Brickwood, March 6)  Governing.com (by Tom Corwin, March 6), Techno 10 (Turkish, March 10),  Voister.se (Swedish, March 10), FastCompany (by Mark Wilson, March 9), Actualite Sante (French, March 10),  Jimmys Post (by C Singh, March 11), Healthy LifeStyle (March 11),   Times of India, Newspaper (March 12), Mid Day (March 12), mHealth Intelligence (by Samantha McGrall, March 13), TopBuzzTimes (by Utsav Debnath, March 15), MobyGeek (by Aaditya Khatri, March 19), TheNewStack (Kimberly Mok, March 20), ArcWeb (by Siara Singleton, March 24)  Analytics India Magazine (by Ambika Choudhury, March 24), Deal Street Asia (by Leslie D’Monte, March 27). Also aired at FOX News First, Fox 24, Fox 29, Fox 33, Fox 43,  ABC, WJBF, India TV, TV Europa, CBS, CTV, CTV London, KYTV (March 3-9).



February: 2020



2020-Dr. Arni Rao using math to stop spread of diseases like flu, coronavirus, (MCG Dean’s Diary, February 7, 2020)


2020- Professor develops new system to track spread of coronavirus, by Danielle Harris, Jagwire News (February 6, 2020)


2020-Expert: Better models, algorithms could help predict and prevent virus spread, by Tom Corwin, Front Page News, The Augusta

             Chronicle Newspaper, Georgia, U.S.A. (January 29, 2020)


2019-Biz Bits for April 21, 2019 (Augusta Chronicle Newspaper)


2019-Rao edits two new statistics handbooks  by Jennifer Scott, Jagwire News, April 10, 2019.


2018– Interview by CONNECT , Quarterly Magazine published by Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru.


2017—Rao edits 2 new statistics handbooks. (Eureka alert, December 8, 2017)


2017-In the News Fast thoughts on HIV/AIDS from AU expert (Jagwire News, December 1, 2017)


2017-Did a Q & A for John S Kiernan, Senior Writer & Editor for a story on 2017 HIV/AIDS Statistics (Wallethub.com, November 27, 2017)


2017-Dr. Rao coedits two statistics handbooks (The Dean’s Diary, MCG, Augusta University, December 1, 2017)


2017 – Random procedure analysis might give a lady more info about which infertility treatment is best, Womens Health, April 8, 2017


2017- MCG researchers work to help women and their physician improve infertility treatment choices (MCG Dean’s Diary, March 10, 2017)


2017-Joint Mathematics Morsels by Brian Hayes (My talk figured out of hundreds of talks in this summary report of AMS/MAA Joint

             Mathematical Meetings, Atlanta) (January 9, 2017)


2016-Mathematical modelling guiding HIV/AIDS policy in India, The UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKCDS) (July 1, 2016)


2016-Los patrones de movimiento de los pollos albergan pistas sobre sus enfermedades by Redacción Síntesis Avícola (June 15, 2016)



2017—Random process analysis could give a woman more information about which infertility treatment is best by  Toni Baker (Science

             Daily, March 6, 2017


2016-American Statistical Association’s Magazine AMSTATNews. Online copy (February 2016 issue).


2016-American Statistical Association’s Magazine AMSTATNews. Print copy (page 35) (February 2016 issue).


2015-Diagnosing sickness by how a chicken walks by Statistics Views (December 23, 2015)


2015-Funky Chicken Walk Can Indicate a Sick Bird by Autumn Spanne (mentalfloss.com, November 3, 2015)


2015-Research on chicken movements could be used to combat diseases By Elliott Caranci-Finch, 26-Oct-2015


2015-Ny modell kan visa sjukdomsrisk by Marit Sundberg (October 25, 2015)


2015-And May Even Teach Us a Thing or Two… About Chickens (The Dean’s Diary, MCG, Augusta University, October 30, 2015)


2015-Matematik kan förutspĺ sjukdomar (atl.nu, October 21, 2015)


2015- 鸡的行走模式隐藏着疾病的端倪 (The Poultry Site, October 29, 2015)


2015-Walking patterns 'could predict disease spread (mrcvs.co.uk October 21, 2015).


2015-Chickens’ walking patterns may help predict disease by Toni McDougal, October 20, 2015


2015-How chickens walk holds clues to how they spread disease by Toni Baker  (Science Daily, October 19, 2015. Also see this Phys.org)


2015-Chickens' Walking Patterns Hold Disease Clues (The Poultry Site, October 22, 2015)


2015-How chickens walk holds clues to how they spread disease by Toni Baker (Cabi.org, October 21, 2015)


2015-Making a Difference...Everywhere You Go (The Dean’s Diary, MCG, GRU, Augusta), July 24, 2015


2015-Population Theorem, Research Roundup in MCG Medicine, Spring/Summer 2015 issue. (click for Online version)


2014-Age Tables Behind Bars, (Math Digest Section of American Mathematical Society’s Math in the Media), October 28, 2014


2014 - New theorem determines the age distribution of populations from fruit flies to humans (phys.org, eScience News, Science              Daily, Dailynewsen.com, Science Codex, etc), October 6, 2014


2014- Age Distribution of Populations of Various Creatures Determined by New Theorem (Medindia.net), October 7, 2014


2014 –Amazing Math (The Dean’s Diary, MCG, GRU, Augusta), October 10, 2014


2014 - New theorem determines the age distribution of populations from fruit flies to humans (GReport, Georgia Regents University       & Health System News) October 6, 2014.


2014 – Success Story: Carey’s Equality and Fundamental Theorem on Stationary Population Models, Mathematical              Biosciences Institute, Ohio, USA, August, 2014.


2014 – Talk at SITAM Covered by Eenadu (Telugu News paper in India) Vizianagaram Edition (July 31)


2014 – Talk at SITAM covered by Saakshi (Telugu News paper in India) Vizianagaram Edition, (July 31)


2013– Video released by James R Carey, distinguished Professor, UC Davis (September, 2013)


2013 – Talk at MRA College Covered by Eenadu (Telugu News paper in India) Vizianagaram Edition (July 28)


2008 – Math for Biology story by the Telegraph (National English Daily in India), May 19, 2008.



Media Coverage

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