Instructional Systems Analyst

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Sienna M. Sewell

At Augusta University, our mission includes providing leadership and excellence in teaching, as this is a student-centered comprehensive research university. Here at the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences, we believe in providing high-engagement, state-of-the-art technology education and research. This profound level of scholarship transcends across our computer science, information technology, and cybersecurity disciplines. Therefore, it is imperative that the scholastic success of our students remains the top priority.

My role is to assist you, as the faculty, in providing the best educational experience for your students. I will be your source for training, troubleshooting, and problem-solving for our instructional systems. Together we can explore any other innovative pedagogical methods that may be beneficial to your style of teaching.

With this page, my goal is to create a centralize location that will link you to university supported instructional technologies and corresponding documentation. Ideally, I will be updating this page as new information emerges. I am still available for you to reach out to directly should you have any inquiries. Just consider this page an additional resource when in need of some instructional guidance.