Undergrad Research III - CURS 4990

Summer 2020

Clément Aubert

May 20, 2020


This class was funded and organized by the Center for Undergraduate Research & Scholarship at Augusta University, and allowed John Natale (a Mathematics major) and myself to work on the following for 5 weeks:

The project aims at using mathematical tools (set theory, category theory) to get a better understanding of the mechanisms of distributed computation. The core idea is to use mathematical equivalences to equate programs that are unessentially different. This is an active area of study, with a large community of researchers, at the cross-roads of Computer Science and Mathematics.

More technically, we tried to “iron-out” the definition of configuration structures, and to connect it more precisely and tightly to category theory than it is usually done.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program was carried out on-line exclusively.